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Walt Pickut

walt2014Walt Pickut is a native of Bloomfield and Upper Montclair, New Jersey, a sometime denizen of New York City, and happily transplanted long ago to Western New York for peace, quiet and community living the way it should be. He and his late wife, Pat, raised their three children, Bill, Matt and Cait, in Wellsville, New York. Four grandchildren, Abigail, in Indiana, and Grace, and twins, Jake and Mary in Chicago, have also joined the clan.

As a freelance writer, Walt has published hundreds wellness and healthcare articles for Livestrong, USA Today and many Internet clients, regional and local newspapers and medical journals, following a long healthcare career including clinical, research, undergraduate and graduate teaching roles while at New York University and a number of other Northeastern colleges.

The opportunity to collaborate with Jim Roselle on this memoir also drew on Walt’s 20-year experience as a radio announcer, newscaster and station manager for college, non-commercial network and commercial radio stations in Western New York and in the New York City area.

In addition to currently serving as Editor of The Jamestown Gazette, a Chautauqua County weekly newspaper, Walt enjoys writing science fiction under the assumption that the genre is really only news of a future not yet arrived. He also stargazes at the nearby Marshal Martz Astronomical Observatory, serving on the board to extend remote access to this facility and its outstanding array of research telescopes by students in classrooms countywide and nationwide, enhancing STEM education opportunities for students everywhere.

Walt is married to Nancy Marie, of Binghamton, New York, without whose collaboration this book would have remained merely a dream and a good idea.


2 thoughts on “Author Biographies

  1. Jim Roselle and Walt Pickut…two of our favorite people. Gifted, congenial, generous and humble. We can’t wait to stand in line and buy copies for ourselves and far-flung, Chautauqua County native family who have placed this long-awaited memoir at the head of their reading lists.

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