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    Company Profile

    Suzhou Wanshen flour products Co., ltd. is the leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization and food crop industrialization of Anhui province, which is also the wholly owned private subsidiary of Heng Feng Group. The company was founded in 2003 with registered capital 190 million yuan, covers an area of 350 mu. Employees about 1000 people, including 60 R&D staff.  

    The company locate in Suzhou circular economy park of Anhui province, with a 400,000 mt wheat deep processing area and 150,000 mt pea deep processing area; Biogas thermoelectric coupling region and organic manure drying area; a Provincial enterprise technology center, and a self-use bonded warehouse.

    In only 13 years of development,Wanshen adhere to the scientific outlook on development, pay attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction, develop circular economy, to achieve the rapid growth. Wanshen has formed year production capacity in processing 400,000 tons wheat, 220,000 tons tapioca, 150,000 tons pea. wheat gluten (40,000 tons/year), pea protein (37,000 tons/year), wheat starch (120,000 tons/year), pea starch (65,000 tons/year), fine dried noodles (20,000 tons/year), ethanol (120,000 tons/year), organic fertilizer (70,000 tons/year).

    Suzhou Wanshen has been striving to develop the grain industrialization, at the same time, establishing perfect systems  of safe production, science and technology research and development, products marketing. The company has obtained the ISO9001, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL certificates, and access to " national grain economization demonstration enterprise awarded by national bureau", "national customs AA enterprise", "provincial agricultural industrialization " and "provincial food industrialization”leading enterprise,"Provincial high-tech enterprise", "provincial innovative pilot enterprise", "provincial quality prize" and other honorary titles.

    vital wheat gluten with "greeting pine" brand, pea protein and starch products with "wanshen" brand, well-sold to many well-known enterprises in Europe, America, Asia , forming a marketing network all over the world.

    Suzhou Wanshen will regard "rest assured grain and oil, healthy environmental protection" as the strategic target, adhere to the "honesty is the foundation of the business, trust is the source of profit" business philosophy, drive the industrial upgrade with R&D, improve the level of comprehensive utilization, enhance enterprise core competitive ability, dedicate clean energy and nutritional healthy elements, become the industry leading enterprise.

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